yea22 No homo began life as East Harlem slang in the early ’90s. Cam`ron and the Diplomats made the no homo slang a staple in the rap game and after Lil Wayne and Kanye put it in their mainstream hits the movement was unstoppable. In a 2007 interview with HOT 97 Cam`ron was quoted as saying

“With me, like, ‘No homo’ is just basically installed in my vocabulary, Even if I’m in a meeting, I’ll be with my lawyer and might say something and be like, ‘No homo.’ And my lawyer will look up and I’ll be like, I know you have no idea what I’m talking about but I need to say that because I said something real homo, no homo.”

There has a been a lot of backlash from the gay community about the use of this term and rumor has it that the Kanye/Gaga tour didint happen because of the lyrics “It’s crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow, to everybody on your d*ck–no homo.” . Surprisingly Rick Ross has come out to speak against the whole No Homo slang. In an interview with Complex he expressed how he felt about the terminology

“I’ve been on Twitter before, and somebody will say something to me with “no homo” at the end. And I’m like, Why the f*ck would you even need to say that? … I don’t use it. There’s no reason. I mean you Tweet me, I hope you’re no homo. They’ll be like, ‘Yo man, let me get your blunt, no homo.’ That’s why I don’t smoke with nobody.” (Complex)

  • Cool

    It's just something niggas say. The gay community and rick ross can go eat a dick!…. No Homo!

  • Johnny Trouble

    If you know you aint gay you dont have to tell people you aint gay unless your insecure. Im a hundred percent straight and if something I say sounds gay I wouldnt use that term “NO HOMO” because I know I aint gay, its that simple! And if a nigga questions my sexuality I'll just tell him to leave me alone with his lady for an hour to see if Im gay LMAO!!

  • Porter

    No homo is fully entrenched in my vocabulary

  • DoinMeEnt

    no homo can be embedded into you but you dnt have to say it…i'll tell a nigga “go eat a dick!!” that's it!!!