Rozay is ready to deliver his sixth solo album. Earlier today, the big homie announced that his upcoming Mastermind LP is set for a December 17 release.

So in other words, expect a pushback some time in late November.

  • vinaha

    I am personally not excited. Am I the only one who thinks this would be a whole collection of trash?

  • free

    December, huh. I wonder if Rick Ross realizes that he will be going up against Kanye, J. Cole and Jay Z.

  • lally

    Just saw the trailer, I think that this is gonna be a cool album.

  • faultlines

    One of the most anticipated albums this year. Am sure that people wouldn’t be able to wait till it drops.

  • espasyo

    Not one of my fave artists, and with all the great albums this year, I’d be skipping this one.