By: Rizoh

      Confused? You should be. After all, there was little to no mention of Rick Ross’ sophomore LP, Rise to Power, (September 18th) until recently. Well, that’s because the album is being released via Texas independent label Suave House and not Def Jam.


      Slip-N-Side and Def Jam partnered up to release Rick Ross’ debut, Port of Miami, in 2006. But Suave House CEO Tony Draper claims that the Miami rapper was signed to his label first. He asserts that having legal control over Ross’ early material empowers him to release the album.


      After a bit of bickering—including a cease-and-desist letter to nix the release—Suave House agreed to split the revenue from Rise to Power with Def Jam.


      Trilla, Ross’ official follow up to Port of Miami will be released via Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam on November 11th, 2007.

  • narry

    Thats a lot of Rosss

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  • DeadPoo1

    Damn!!! talk about pushin it to the limit, i respect that, but will he make the same numbers DMX did when he dropped 2 in one year? Hmmmmm….. the world is waiting.

  • $cooby

    ricc ro$$ that$ that nigga rite there