According to MTV DJ Vlad filed a $4 million dollar lawsuit against Rick Ross in Federal Court in New York, Friday August 15, 2009 claiming that the Miami MC orchestrated a “brutal attack” on Vlad (born Vlad Lyubovny) at the Ozone Awards in Houston. According to a press release from Vlad’s attorney, Brian Caplan, the assault and battery lawsuit against Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) alleges that “Rick Ross orchestrated a brutal attack upon DJ Vlad, carried out at his direction by his accomplices, in retribution for media coverage of him being a correction officer.

The verdict has come down and Rick Ross was ordered to pay 300,000 dollars to Dj Vald. So in the hood this should classify Dj Vald as a snitch. Rappers need to watch who they assault or allegedly assault because not every one in the rap game is going to retaliate or keep it moving. People will sue you because that is what they do in normal society, they are not from the hood no matter how many rap songs they know and funny T shirts they own with those classic hood slogans.

“God Bless America” Rick Ross