Rihanna Regulates On Twitter!

 |  May 11, 2011

Oh the joys of Twitter! Today Rihanna released the single cover for her track “Man Down” via Twitter. This photo inspired some interesting retweets from a  questioning the appearance of her “nappy” hair.

Not much time passes when Rihanna responds to the tweet with her own words.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has lashed out on a criticizing tweeter. The word “nappy” never pleases any black woman, trust me, I know! But I will say this,  her wig is a little rough-looking in this photo. Maybe she’s going for a more rugged look with a rose in her hand? I don’t know but Rihanna is not necessary fighting her battles wisely. She just gave a random person mad shine while perpetuating the image of being a bitch. She really needs to learn how to pick her battles.




  • Guest

    NinyaBella made a stupid comment so, Rihanna gave her a stupid answer. simple as that.

  • Guest

    The chick had no right to say what she said. I would have snapped on her dumb ass too. Her hair can be however she wants it to be because at the end of the day she's Rihanna and that NinyaBella bitch is just another hater throwing shade. Bye girl.

  • warhawkprincess

    someone made a comment……enter sarcasm here:like no one else ever makes critizing or just saying about someone anyone? wow @3bd8db0ab085e93bd90f503e4373d5b4:disqus NinyaBella you go girl…..maybe you startin' a revolution hahaha

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/MKNYEC4KP747LOEOPVWP6NPX4E man

    Thats the least amount of illuminati symbolsm Ive ever seen in a rihanna photo, aside from the rose!