Here we go again.  After RiRi’s last tour bombed she fired her manager, and joined the Roc Nation conglomerate.  But even Jay and his Illuminati connections can’t get people to see this chick live.  Now to be fair RiRi is a superstar and can definitely sell out venues.  Just not arenas.  Plus the economy is f*cked right now. People don’t have disposable income to be throwing Rihanna’s way.  That being said, Rihanna is too busy riding the #SlutWave to be concerned with business, and is still making diva like demands.  According to the NY Post:

  • Sources say after poor US concert pre-sales last month, Rihanna has been advised by her day-to-day manager, Jay Brown, to cancel domestic dates on her “Loud” tour.

    “It has been a big disappointment,” our source said. “The ticket sales in big US cities like Boston are so bad, they will barely cover basics like the lighting and other arena costs. Tour managers are begging local radio stations to do giveaways.”

    But an insider said, “She should’ve been doing theaters and smaller venues. She’s not ready to headline an arena tour.”

    Sources say while the ticket sales are sluggish, Rihanna is demanding all of the bells and whistles to make it a blow-out show. “It’s the normal diva requests,” an insider said, “which is tolerated, when you make money.”