R.I.P. J Dilla

 |  February 10, 2009



Today is three years to the day since one of the greatest hip hop producers of our time passed. Dilla’s legacy like many other passed musicians will live on forever through his music, which happens to be timeless. If you aren’t familiar with Dilla and want to hear some good music do the knowledge. I’m gonna post a few of my favorite Dilla beats/songs here. Preview & Download links below. R.I.P.














“Fuck The Police” – J Dilla


Preview “Fuck The Police” HERE



“Let’s Take It Back” – J Dilla


Preview “Let’s Take It Back” HERE



“Two Can Win” – J Dilla


Preview “Two Can Win” HERE



“Love Is” – Common (Prod. by Dilla)


Preview “Love Is” HERE