Rock It Or Drop It: The Hair Hat

 |  September 25, 2009

This could be the next hottest trend in the hood, I mean stocking caps and high top Gumby fades were hot so why not the hair hat? look at the pic and watch the video below, The narrator introduces him as “Danny, a man who has never taken off his hat for 20 years.” It doesn’t take very long to figure out that his hat is actually his hair, which has carefully been groomed into the appearance of a cap. Apparently he was once so poor that he couldn’t afford a hat, so he decided to grow his own. So Decide would you Rock It Or Drop It?

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  • lily_5


  • hapi

    hahaha…why isn’t it still in fashion? that’s what I call initiative. 😀

  • lorih

    very original! 😀

  • nickie295

    what’s in the hat dude?!:D

  • richtrag


  • jeni

    wow!didn’t he get bored with his hat???lol

  • chowski

    hahah….look at how he washes his hat!

  • ainsworth

    funny hat!lol

  • Noven

    drop the hat!!!

  • dalyho

    drop it!

  • glazednut

    wahahaha….cool hat! gotta have one 🙂