Rock It Or Drop It: Ushers Man Purse

 |  August 12, 2010

Usher is the one of the kings of R&B in my opinion, he has been in the game so long and so consistent that no one is really seeing him right now. When its comes to fashion he is usually on point but what do yall think of his $18,000 Hermes Murse (man purse). Now this isn’t a  Louis suitcase or duffel bag its marketed as a man purse…I`m kind of iffy on that but would you Rock It Or Drop It??
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  • Carlito Bragonti

    Why thus fool got his pants tucked in his shoes with that dumb ass bag……..Damn-You can get a better bag at H&M18000 FOR A BAG……And yall dumb niggas gonna try an get one to

  • Mayhemgb

    does that ninja have a star on his hand?? female ish