Rose From The Concrete…

 |  April 25, 2009

NBA Rookie of Year BasketballIt shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that the Chicago Bulls’ guard Derrick Rose is the rookie of the year.

The speedster who attended the University Of Memphis, and who is also a homegrown product of Chicago grabbed 111 out of the 120 first place votes to finish up with 574 total points…

Right now the hometown kid and his squad are dueling against this writer’s beloved Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, and he’s playing with no fear (as he should).

And if his rookie season is a sign of things to come, the executives that run basketball operations for the Bulls better get out their check books come contract-extension time, because a player like him will keep fans in the seats just like some guy named Michael did once upon a time…

  • Yung Ruger

    Ths Cat caME from the city of were talent is born. my city chicago. He kept his head straight cause ive seen much talent jus like him die, on drugs or locked up, Good shit Family

  • Mr_Fresh.Ne$$

    ill give da nigga DR a salute hard work pays off michael beasley n him got future for da NBA

  • dAtbOIdAn

    chi town is cry town. derrik rose is nice and all but the only reason he went off the first game was bcuz everybody slept on him bcuz they were worried bout tha real beast on the bulls… Ben gordon who was bred by NY… tha best Bball breeder