Ever since Jeezy dropped his own version of “BMF“, some people have been speculating that Jeezy was maybe taking a shot at Ross.  Of course he was. He just isn’t going to put himself all the way out there, and call it a diss.

I feel like Jeezy was making a statement more than anything else.  Rick Ross is winning; there is no doubting that.  But at the end of the day, everything he says is bullsh*t.  That’s why Jeezy has a reason to feel a particular way about Rosé’s success with “BMF”.  Ross is talking about the life Jeezy actually lived.  Jeezy actually did sell coke and ball in the club with BMF.  Jeezy took risks that I’m sure could have resulted in him either being six feet deep or living in a box for a significant chunk of his life.  Ross didn’t.  But Ross is reaping the benefits of the “gangster” lifestyle.

So back to Ross denying that there is beef.  I think that’s a smart move, even though Ross knows what it really is. Everyone’s heart would have to be with Jeezy, because he’s a real dude.  Regardless of how big the records are that Ricky is making.  So It would just be dumb for Ross to engage himself in a beef.

The only way for Ross to fall off, is for his music to fall off.  Because to be honest while Ross has my ear right now.  He does not have my loyalty.  If the hot records stop dropping, he is just a fat former correctional officer.  Jeezy can fall off, and I still have his back.  Because I f*ck with what he represents.  That’s something that no one can ever take away from him.  That’s why we don’t even need the beef to happen.  Jeezy has the characteristics that don’t need to stand the test of beef, they stand the test of time.  That’s why Ross doesn’t even want to bother with beef.  It makes him no money, and distracts people from the persona he has worked hard to create.

Check the below video of Ross on Sirius Radio denying that Jeezy was taking a shot at him.

P.S. Another reason this “beef” won’t pop off is because both these dudes are on Def Jam, and those guys can’t allow anyone’s reputation to be tarnished further.  Their money is too f*cked up right now for the guys who cut checks to be putting up with anyone’s shenanigans.