Rozay Shut Down In The U.K.

 |  November 23, 2010

Rick “the Boss” Ross was in the UK this week to perform at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo in London.  Tim Westwood snagged Rozay for an exclusive interview and caught up backstage with him after his show was shut down due to violence in the venue.  Tim brought a camera along for a visual tour of Ross’ dressing room where he met up with his weed jewelry carrier who gets paid to hold onto Rozay’s multiple chains.  “The man with the golden voice” (Westwood’s words, not mine) bragged about how live his stage show is and suggested that Tim hook him up with some women in the Royal Family.


The night before the show, Tim brought Ross on his BBC radio show to discuss a variety of topics ranging from DJ Khaled to rap beefs.  Ross said that he was self made and added that there was a positive side to his rap feuds because he realized that it made him up his productivity, stating that he stays successful because “I still beef with the game.”  He said that he works well under pressure, citing that his verse for “Devil in a New Dress” was written and recorded within hours of the deadline for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s mixing and mastering.


When asked about Young Jeezytalking crazy” about him in Miami, Rozay commented that he saw the footage and that Jeezy wasn’t technically in Miami, adding “he played himself.”  Ross went on to say that Jeezy’s comments were “ain’t gangster at all” and that if Jeezy has issues with him, he should handle it like a man.  Ross went on to claim that he left the Soul Train Awards because he didn’t have any input on the performance and felt disrespected for being left out of the production (“it wasn’t nothing personal to no one, no beefs“).  Other revelations in the interview included that he has over 30 records with Birdman, he has over 200 tattoos, and his dream collaboration would be Dr. Dre with Barry White on the chorus if he was alive.  Westwood came off like a clown act as always.

  • Porter

    Dam you hate on whoever, it doesn't matter who it is. Tim Westwood. WORD. You had to take a shot at him. Couldn't help yourself.

  • jGerson

    You had to take a shot at me? Couldn't help yourself? Take a joke, he's a funny guy, that's his persona