Run DMC… The Musical?

 |  October 20, 2009


The legendary rap group Run DMC are allegedly bringing their life story to Broadway as a new musical, yes, a musical. According to Variety, Rev Run and DMC are meeting with film producer Paula Wagner to discuss putting together the show.

Wagner has produced such hits as Vanilla Sky, The Last Samurai and the Mission Impossible series. Her production company Chestnut Ridge Productions will be overseeing the new Run DMC musical.

The musical tells the story of the rap supergroup’s rise and journey to fame from Queens, NY to world stardom.

Wagner explains why she felt the story needed to be told and says:

“I feel their story lends itself perfectly to the stage. This project has been a passion of mine for some time and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with them.”

Hip Hop and musicals as far as I know have never been said in the same sentence, but maybe if it’s done in the right way it could be a success…maybe