I could never take Game to court,” said RZA via MTV’s Rap Fix when responding to allegations of the Wu-Tang leader suing Game. “I love that dude. He is my favorite from the new generation of West Coast [MCs].

It was previously reported that Universal Music Group Publishing sent a cease and desist for the song “Heartbreaker” because Game had released it on his Purp & Patron mixtape without RZA’s consent.  When news of this came out, Game was clearly caught off-guard because he contested that RZA knowingly gave him the instrumental to record over.

Game recently clarified that RZA’s concern stemmed from the fact that the beat contained an unauthorized sample. The Compton rapper told The L.A. Times, there’s no love lost. I have nothing but love for RZA. It had to do with sample clearances that neither of us had control of.”  The song contains an indiscrete sample of Grand Funk Railroad’s “Heartbreaker.”