By: Rizoh

      Now, we know Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) is a certified trash-talker. Well, P’s basket mouth got the better of him in a recent interview with Allhiphop. The G-Unit rapper made it clear that he dislikes Saigon and every other rapper out there.  “I don’t like nobody really. I’m biased. I only like Mobb Deep sh*t. Everybody else could suck my d**k,” Prodigy told Allhiphop awhile ago.

      As you might suspect, those statements didn’t sit well with Saigon, who has a long-running subliminal feud with Prodigy. Saigon, in his own interview with, said he would rather beat Prodigy like a piñata than haul verbal slugs at him on wax.

      “I wasn’t mad that he said he didn’t like me,” said Saigon in the interview. “But every real n***a knows you don’t invite another n***a to your d**k. That’s fighting words. You might as well say you want me to punch your face off when I see you. I’m not going to run into the booth and make a Prodigy diss and I would lyrically destroy Prodigy. But if we run into each other and he doesn’t have ten security guards or a pistol around him, I will beat him like a piñata. Just for that “suck my d**k” sh*t.”

      Saigon also questioned Prodigy’s street credibility. “You can’t be a popular rapper and a gangster out busting your hammer and still be around this long. Nah, that doesn’t make sense. 2pac was like that. He’s dead now.”


And rap beefs just keep getting cornier…



  • H.Smokes

    Prodigy’s wack now.Really!Saigon would kill him lyrically.No contest.

  • SHA

    prdigy is whack and now that he is with g unot mobb sleep is whack. Watch your back dun


    prodigy is fucking whack man and havoc is even worse than he is so i think mobb deep can die slow forreal…

  • CrS FrOm Q BoRo

    Prodigy will fuckin end saigon ….didnt saigon send his man to snuff Prodigy and then saigon himself went to hide unda a table