Salutes To Bun!

 |  August 5, 2010

I just wanted to do a quick post on some Bun B related stuff.  His third solo album Trill O.G. hit stores this week, and Bun has been making the promotional rounds.  It’s cool to see Bun come this far in the game.  Dude has been making music for more than 20 years.  It’s also nice to see that he is finally getting the universal respect from the music community he deserves.  I mean this guy will go from doing a song with Drake to doing a song with Termanology.  He’ll hop on some DJ Premier production and then the next song will be some young head just looking for a opportunity to work with a reputable artist.  He can pretty much go anywhere within the genre of hip-hop (and beyond) and be good.  That’s something no one can take from Bun.  As a fan I saute you.

Check Bun below as he is the latest rapper to get the Profile treatment from Dee Vasquez.



Bun was also awarded the infamous 5 mic rating in The Source magazine, and he related the following statement:

  • When I started rapping, the highest honor a real MC could aspire to was the coveted 5 mics from Source Magazine. It was only given to the best of the best in hip hop, the cream of the crop so to speak. Those that received the honor were sometimes but not always contested, but what WAS always contested were those that DIDN’t receive the honor. If you’ve ever argued about your favorite MC on a corner, in a barbershop or on the comment section of a blog, then you know what I’m talking about. For every album labeled a classic, there are dozens of others that people feel deserve the honor. So I realize that people now feel they have to place my album next to others that they feel were more impactful, and argue their case. With social networking being as prevalent as it is in our society, these arguments now take place in a very public arena, which in order to be heard, you often have to be very opinionated and abrasive to stand out. So people, while having no personal hate or malice towards me, will make very loud arguments about The Source’s decision, and the loudest ones will probably get the most attention.Having been in the music industry almost 20 years, I have learned to receive my accolades with honor and respect, and hold my head high when the hate rains down. I love hip hop just as much or even more than the next person, so I understand the passion behind the argument. At the end of the day, we all want this thing we love to be as real and pure as the day we fell in love with it.

    Having said all this, it is with great honor and admiration that I humbly accept this esteemed declaration from the Source Magazine and it’s staff for my album Trill OG, and for those that feel they need to shit on me to argue for another artist or album, don’t worry. The Trill OG can take it! UGK for life!

    Bun B

Also check this Complex article in which Bun goes over the some of his memorable recording stories.