For as long as I can remember, Hip-Hop has met the mainstream by encouraging the masses to bust a move (no pun intended).  While not a precedent, Young MC’s 1989, “Bust a Move” would be the first Hip-Hop ‘dance’ track that I’d endure.  Not long after, fans were greeted with Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance” celebrating the ecstatic persona of its member Shock G.
These were bearable – And then came “C’mon N’ Ride It (the Train).”  I remember seeing this music video while in elementary school, and thinking, “does anyone actually like this song?”  Well apparently somebody did because ever since then the song’s been blasting at wack clubs, weddings, and even bar mitzvahs.

Oddly this was around the same time as the “Macarena” phenomenon.  For those youngins out there, around 1996, two old Spanish men took over the airwaves with one of the most excessively repetitive dance songs in history.  You literally couldn’t turn on the radio or go out without hearing it.  The song sucked, but people worldwide bought their entire album and did the f*cking dance.  That’s not all – the song became so successful that BMG released an album with eight remixes of it, which even more people bought.

So what’s the point of this, you ask?  Record companies and aspiring ‘artists’ are trying to find the new “Macarena” because having one song with a dance could mean selling a whole lot of albums and even more ringtones (cough cough Soulja Boy).  Don’t believe me?  Check out some of the latest  lamest dances out right now:

GS Boyz – “Stanky Legg”
If you haven’t heard this song, you’re living under a rock, and feel lucky about that.  The group implores everyone to “Do the Stanky Legg” or basically act like your leg fell asleep on the dance floor.  When I tried to research the GS Boyz I found people thinking exactly what I was and even more what I expected, as someone claimed the dance “is the craze that’s sweeping the nation.”  Well one thing’s for sure, they have bars for days (“You can lean wit’ it/and you can drop wit’ it/you can switch to the other leg and stop wit’/get it/get it/get it”).  If you’re a fan of repetition, cheap pyrotechnics, and standing on ATVS parked in a high school gym, check this video out.


Kenzo – “The Shizz”
So Kenzo from Louisville came up with this one apparently.  It pretty much sounds the same as the “Stanky Legg,” but it’s completely different….it’s “The Shizz.”  I’ve never been to a club where everyone was wearing t-shirts saying “do the Shizz,” but then again, I’ve never been to Louisville, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Apparently doing “The Shizz” consists of sticking your chest out, moving your shoulders, and shaking your hips, while holding your breath.  Kenzo also encourages kids to do it (check the clown out at 3:41).  Again, the lyrics in this song are ridiculous (Jose Cuervo/got the broads on the floor going craze-o”).



GS Boyz – “Boot Dew”
I’ll leave everyone with this gem.  If you’re familiar with the “Stanky Legg,” you know how they tell the listener to do “the Booty Dew.”  Well here’s how:



  • moria00

    nothing could ever beat the hip-hop dance before. young mc have done a good one and is still loved by many nowadays.

  • lisa`lisa

    where is shock g now? he is one great talent too. i hope they would come up a compilation for those hip hop dance before. very nostalgic! 🙂

  • daryl143

    hahaha oh that macarena, i love it even though i am feeling weird it already everytime i hear that song. oh, those were the days.

  • teresak

    i love it, this will hit on the charts. i kinda like to get a groove now while listening to this dance.

  • sophiewil

    would this be a new phenomenon again? hahaha pretty weird dance steps but i like it, looks fun!

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