By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Word on the street is that Sanaa Lathan likes the mamis more than she does the papis. Now I remember back in the day when she was dating Omar Epps someone telling me that if he messed her about she had a chick that would take care of him anyway and there was innocent old me thinking that they meant her home girls would be looking out for her. Turns out I wasn’t thinking literally enough. Anyhow whatever way she gets down..she one of my faves.

  • MurdaP

    my girl gotta girlfriend

  • Will the Thrill

    Damn!! How in the world could she be gay. Give me 1 day with her I bet any money that she would reconsider

  • Bigg Boss

    Aren’t most women now a days. A lot of them girl on da dl with this ish.

  • icetre

    Bet I could get that ass straight.