|  February 26, 2009


This is a bit of an interesting one which turned up in my mail box yesterday and its very creative so it gets the ih2 love. If you are familiar with this kid Draze from Seattle he put out a similar project a couple of years ago about Dame Dash and Jay Z, well this one is all about 50 Cent and the dude who shot him 9 times. To get a brief insight to the mixtape movie here is something from his publicist which might explain it better than me today.

“Aligning 50 Cent with one of his favorite gangsters, Tony “Scarface” Montana and rapper “Draze” as the recently released “shooter” himself, the story is told as an actual account with vivid details from the enemies, the snitching and the payment that lead to those now infamous “9” shots being fired. Names have been changed to protect the parties involved of course. “I know people will say I am trying to exploit this cat, but that’s not it at all. I’m just outlining what has been told to me thru my music. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s fans are sure to see another side of the mega star,” says Draze.”

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    sick track