Scott Storch: Dead Beat Dad

 |  January 16, 2008

      Music producer Scott Storch, allegedly stiffing his baby mama on child support. TMZ obtained documents from Miami-Dade County Court, charging that Storch is behind in his $7,500 per month support payment for his 1 year old son Jalen.

      Dalene Daniel, Jalen’s mother, stated Storch missed last month’s payment and this month’s as well. She claims he’s been "habitually late" in paying support, even bouncing checks.

      Gee….  for someone who was on Forbes list for making an estimated $17 mil  in 2006….. this is sad


  • ridah419

    This is very PATHETIC, he has the means and money and he still aint doing the right thing, look @ all these fathers that are barely makin it and they pay for their kids. MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tion79

    This might seem bad too say.But 7,500 dollars is way too much money for a child.That shit is for his funky ass baby mother. I bet the child dresses just like a kid that gets 300 for child support.On the other hand the mother is shining.