By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Who really knows why it started, but Timbaland was the first to launch a couple of subliminal disses on his single “Give it To Me” featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. On the song, Timbaland, apparently referring to Scott Storch raps, “I’m a real producer, and you just a piano man/Your songs don’t top the charts, I heard em’, I’m not a fan/Niggas talking greasy, but I’m the one that gave them their chance…”

      Scott Storch responded with a track of his own with him actually rapping for the first time that we’ve heard. The song, “Built Like This”, has Storch clowning Timbaland’s weight, his partner Magoo and that Tim’s producing partner Danja made all his hits. Storch also has an unknown emcee, Nox, coming at Tim with some “you ain’t gangsta” and threatening him with physical violence. Word is that Timbaland also has another track on his upcoming album going towards Storch as well.

      Storch is losing popularity among the music industry. Even though he’s a proven hitmaker, he wasn’t invited to work on Beyonce’s last album, even though he worked extensively on her first album, and Christina Aguilera even dissed Storch on the song “F.U. S. S.” from her new album, Back to Basics.


  • Ziplok

    Timbaland is the man. Scott Storch is a pure example of foolishness. How battle legends? Scott youve been trying to BE Timbaland since you started out. Now that your famous this is how you pay the man back? Thats WEAK!


    scott stortch is fucking bullshit and on some real shit timbaland has been around way longer banging out way more hits so i guess this one’s self explanatory…

  • Will the Thrill

    Is it me or is scott stortch the whitest white man ever? And what the hell is he waring? His stylest needs to be put down.

  • poppee

    if u seen my comments he iz the cat im talkin about foolz like storch iz the death of hip hop .. he was one of the judges on the white rapper show that said lyrics in hip hop is not the thing anymore …. he is the reason why wack mufukaz iz gettin play …….

  • Trenton Stand UP

    Timberland….. nuff said the man is a seasoned vet like jaimie gold man he’s unstoppable THE only person even worthy or capable of goin head to head with BIG TIMBO is Dr DRE and they mutually respect each other so you know each his own king of that thrown ya dig El OUT

  • Fburg1

    Is this dude fukin serious? Nox is wack, and that hook was horrible! “Keep my name out yo mouth”, that’s it? I wasted my life listenin to that trash! Tim’s got diabetes you dumb FUCK! That’s y he lost weight, and he aint say shit but call him a fag! Scott u look like u got Down Syndrone! When u got 9 hit’s playin on the radio, then u can talk. Or 10 plus yrs in the game makin hits in more than 3 genres of music. Eat a dick Scotty!

  • willymak

    ma man timbo is da man PERIOD!!!!!!! DA ONLY nigga fuckin’ wit him is DRE PERIOD….GET IT RIGHT