Can someone please explain to me what 18 year old Sean Kingston is doing buying jewelry worth $500,000. Well sadly for him the piece which he had asked his sister to FEDEX from LA to NY has gone missing in transit and guess what, his sister only insured the piece for $500. Oh dear…but seriously I doubt the piece is worth half a mill like his camp are saying. That’s a whole lotta cash to be slinging on just one chain and looking at the pics he got a lot of chains just like our boy Young Berg…probably all bought out the back of a XXL mag :-)))

  • NVmeChops

    He probably dont own half them chains they look lame as hell. When did rappers start doin all these different them chains?

  • NVmeChops


  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Buy one chain and save the rest for when you not hot. Was this fat kid ever hot?????