|  November 29, 2008

shawty lo

Here is D4L’s front man (for the moment anyway) Shawty Lo discussing that infamous place Bankhead, YET AGAIN, that is at the center of a serious geography battle between himself and Tip and now Big Kuntry and anyone associated with Grand Hu$tle after their little brawl the other night. Well at least we know where to find Shawty Lo, if we really want to. He sure made his address public in this clip. But for some reason I still can’t get my head around this dude being the bonafide Bankhead thug when he was responsible for a track like Laffy Taffy

  • Destinyalliance 56

    He Bogus for that Keyboard! And he got $!

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Carlos is the truth. Ask anyone in Bankhead niiiiggga. Laffy Taffy was for the money. Dumb niggas went and bought that shit. Run up on him and see what happen…………

  • Mike BeZi

    A fuck all that I rep. this part i ant seen you shit. JUST GET THAT DOE!!!!!! Damn ya’ll pissing me off with the dumb shit.