By: Rizoh

      50 Cent, who once slammed Kanye West for his post-Katrina criticism of George Bush, has now done a 360 on his opinion of the President.

     50 recently accused George Bush of being cruel and heartless, in his latest interview with New York magazine: “George Bush has a talent: he has less compassion than the average human. By all means, I don’t aspire to be like George Bush.”

     Duh, the President’s public support is at an all-time low, stemming from that much-talked about Iraq war policy.

      You may recall that 50’s infamous GQ interview, where he expressed his admiration for President Bush, saying “I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.”

  • engage

    Fifty is a dumbass

  • mississippian

    This some old stunting 101 that 50 is doing to boost his status in the game don’t get me wrong I fools with the dude cause he knows music but not this time 50.

  • ChiefSir

    50 you is a bitch clown ass ni66a… but I like your music

  • bcurtz

    get this clown sucker outta here bitch!!!!!!!

  • JAck FRost

    n0 dDoUT 50 cAn get Hiz cent In–tHe bus NeeD to sTay Up git it

  • DeShaun 1014

    sum1 call the game

  • DJ PACE601

    50 is a willy foo foo rif faf ass nigga

  • astrogreen


  • NorFkak919

    What do you expect. This is the same nigga dat said Nas was “weird” because he reads. Dat nigga needs to try picking up a book.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    No comment. Well……50 will do anything for the public to love him…..Sad but true

  • Jay Three

    is fifty fuckin retarded? make up ya mind and 50 and bush are both clueless to any sign of intelligence

  • payback tyme records

    50 Cent is an idiot. try hard as he may, he can never be like george bush AND he can never pull the stunt like the late Eazy E pulled with george bush senior. bitchazzniguh

  • payback tyme records

    50 Cent is no Eazy E. 50 cent is also an idiot. Obamah may be like George bush, not 50 cent.

  • Chedda Sharp

    what does this guy know bout politics?…

  • dopa4

    50 is that nigga and goerge bush is that white dude i got respect for both them niggas u gotta problem wit that holla at me

  • mississippian

    So that means 50 is a whore 2 then huh?
    O yeah