“I think I’m Marc Jacobs/I think I’m a Lagerfeld

So I was listening to Nicki Minaj’s new song “Blazin” well Yeezy spit the above bar.  For some reason that specific line got me thinking that it might be a good idea for Kanye to disappear again after My Beautiful Dark Twisted drops next Monday.

Part of the reason I feel like Kanye is killing it right now is because he disappeared for so long.  So by the time he came back we all seemed to be celebrating him for his antics.  We were just so happy that there was someone making nontraditional hip-hop music and speaking his mind so eloquently on topics such as pop culture artists and their relationships with the media.  He started a weekly music series entitled, G.O.O.D. Fridays, which seemed like a fresh innovative way for Kanye to connect to the fans.  Speaking of connecting with the fans the guy even got on twitter, which simultaneously made bloggers lives everywhere easier.  We just hadn’t seen his face or dealt with his antics in awhile so it was all fresh and exciting to us again.  The more outlandish he acted, the more we seemed to love him for it.

However this past week, the everyone loves Kanye West parade seemed to come to a screeching halt.  After his diva-esque showing on The Today Show cool people like my man Bill Maher started calling Kanye a douche bag.  It got me thinking that maybe there is only so much we can take of Kanye before he starts to get on our nerves.   I have perceived everything the guy has been doing as genius up until today.  Then that line hit me.  “I think I’m Marc Jacobs/I think I’m a Lagerfeld“.  Really Kanye?  You think you are part of the fashion oligarchy?  Because last time I checked those exclusive elitist fashion people don’t take to kindly to people who randomly send cock pics to chicks on Myspace.  While I think it hilarious that Yeezy did that, how are you going to go on tv and say you are one of the most monumental figures in pop music, and then go home and send pictures of you dick to girls on Myspace?  Stuff like that just doesn’t add up to me.

My point is that Kanye is great for hip-hop.  But as with anything it’s best in moderation.  Kanye is such a big artist that everything he does is put under a microscope.  That is a credit to his phenomenal art and presence in the entertainment industry.  But sometimes we get bored of looking at the same slide over and over again.  If Kanye really wants me to consider him a genius, than he should disappear again after his album drops this Monday.  It will only make him bigger than he already is.  Plus it will leave people like me thirsty for his new material.  If you don’t believe that Kanye can get old you should just watch the below clip of some Of Kanye’s most infamous moments.



  • sbeezy

    ye doesnt care if u consider him anything………………………………………………..

  • Jimjones

    kanye sucks…every1 on his dik cuz he do gay sht

  • Porter

    You didn't make one valid point as to why he should disappear. Stop focusing on his personal antics, and focus on the music, which is superior to 100% of the hip hop thats out there.