Over the weekend Soulja Boy dropped a video for “Kingpin Breezy” off his Supreme mixtape.  The sound and style of the video was noticeably different than an atypical Soulja Boy video.  Spaceghostpurp especially felt a particular way about it.  Went to twitter to accuse Soulja of jacking his swag.  Shortly thereafter Soulja seemed to subliminally respond.







To be honest I feel like both sides have some points.  However, how can you be mad Soulja Boy for jacking other people’s swag?  How is that news?  Dude hangs out with Gucci Mane and 50 Cent.  All of a sudden he is a gangster rapper with face tattoosChris Brown dyes his hair blonde.   Next thing you know Soulja Boy is going for the glammed out blonde look.  Dude even likes women that have already been ran through by other rappers. My point is that is what Soulja Boy does.  He jacks other peoples swag and pawns it off as his own to his massive fanbase which eats it up.  Big names leasing other people’s swag and forgetting to send a check?  This is an unfortunate reality of the art world.  Soulja Boy has be doing this for awhile pretty succesfully.  I doubt he will stop anytime soon.

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    do yall niggaz realize soulja boy the first one that started sayin swagg