Shyne Is Delusional

 |  August 18, 2010

No one wants to hear one record from you, let alone two Shyne.  So you are a blood and a Jew?  How does that work exactly?  Soo-Woo’ing at Passover is the new hotness I guess.  Check the video below of Shyne talking about possibly doing a record with Baby and the Cash money click.



  • Malone Evans

    Damn y'all writers are lame! Almost thought Mike Stylezz wrote this crap. The two points “SAM” made are wack. “Young blood” doesn't have to have a gang affiliation so don't take words out of context. If shyne is a Blood nobody's perfect that's why he practices his religion. A Jew that's a Blood is better then just being a Blood. If you can't understand this kill your self lame.

  • Rgerm01

    I agree with thee god up top. All ya been doing is hating on Shyne since his release. The nigga did ten years. NAME ONE RAPPER THAT COULD COME BACK FROM THAT. The crazy thing is that when Shyne was hot YOU (Sam) were probably one the niggas on his dick.

  • Patromick

    stop hating on shine lames

  • Mike_Stylezz_The_Blog_Wonder

    hey uh Malone they dont call me Mike Stylezz The Blog Wonder for nothing, check my post they get hits son…second of all I`m rooting for Shyne…maybe his album will be dope as hell but as of right now the tracks that he is putting out is not The Shyne we remember. Its either thee things…he lost it, all his hot tracks were due to the Bad Boy production team, Or he is just messing with Def Jam putting out crap to screw them.

  • PIX1500

    @ Malone Evans, Rgerm0, and haters. Yo This is ReallyP I show Shyne love in every post I write about Shyne. So don't make statements if you not 100 about the ihiphop site or its team. I been backing Shyne ever since he fired that Hammer in the Cheeta Club. Ihiphop has a diverse group of writers from different backgrounds who have different views on everything but shares a common love for hip hop music. So don't start calling my sons up here lame cause you wasn't feeling their opinion my dude. I suggest you hit up another site if you looking for groupie writers. We don't have a problem with people not feeling our opinions but don't come at the team cause we read comments and respond.

  • Malone Evans

    If you think I'm hatin' on Shyne read my post again real slow or ask somebody you know that can read to read it to you…PIX1500 your right I shouldn't have said “y'all writers” I really meant your “sons” (hahahahah sons? come to think about maybe I was right when I said, y'all writers) are lame. Its my opinion. Got the right to it. I like to read and listen to other opinions but please make some kind of sense. If you don't make sense then you are lame. Sam said, “No one wants to hear one record from you, let alone two Shyne” WHAT!? I bet I buy 2 copies.One for me and another to try and make up for all the bootleggers killin' hip-hop.