Shyne “Over” Freestyle

 |  April 15, 2010

Real talk Shyne want’s to be in back NYC bad. Shyne’s music is reflecting his surroundings he needs to be in the states so he can be brought up to speed on todays pop culture and trends thats all. It’s going to be a long road for Shyne to get back to Po status in my book I think the gangster content is there but the flow and radio content is the problem.

Shyne just came home so be patient you remember when he first came out people were not feeling him like that but eventually everyone agreed that on Thats Gangsta and wanted Diddy’s head for him getting sent up north. I’m not saying he is the Micheal Jordan of rap but even when Mike played for the Wizards he didn’t win a ring but he had some good games you dig. And please who ever has access to him let him and his camp know he needs a photo shoot quick.

“Over (Gangland Freestyle”- Shyne