Silly Gillie?

 |  February 8, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      The man who allegedly gave Lil Wayne everything he needed to go and
surpass even him in the rap game has been arrested in Philly for running two drug houses. Obviously ghost writing wasn’t what was giving Gillie his so called flamboyant lifestyle after all like he tried to portray.

  • bigrob

    get that paper gillie rap hustle what ever it takes

  • Heavens Movie

    i knew his stupid ass was gonna get caught, running his mouth..dumb nigga what you thinkin baby he will bail you out..but you getta givem them sugars pucker up bitch…lol

  • plato

    why do they let FAGGOTS make comments on this sight, SHUT THE FUCK UP U DUMB SHIT, RESPECT REAL RAPPERS. WHAT A JACKOFF

  • kyah

    nigga gillie aint real he’s fuckin whack another hatin ass hoe that wanna try ta take some a my nigga weezys shine. let that niga rot in a cell fuck it one more hater out the world

  • Heavens Movie

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  • psycho

    This is crazy who the hell is Gillie The Kid the disses are wack and I think he’s false if he’s a ghostwriter why is he terrible? like Father Like Son was tight!!!