|  February 3, 2011

Clinton Sparks definitely needs to sit down.  First off the beat is a complete jack of a song I can’t name off the top of my head because I don’t listen to techno that religiously.  Secondly, why are you rapping?  Honestly I want to know.  I mean I get it.  You are a celebrity DJ hence you associate yourself with a lot of famous people.  Not only that but you can get them on records with you.  That doesn’t mean you should actually do it.  I guess it’s alright if you hop on the Khaled wave and force your name and ad-libs on the song, but there is no excuse for this terrible rapping.  I don’t want to hear your sh*tty sequel to “Sexy Chick“.  I don’t want to “get familiar”.  I’m not knocking your hustle.  Just your terrible terrible music.  #SitDown.

Akon & Clinton Sparks “Unless We F*ckin”