By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Snoop Dogg’s long-anticipated film, Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror will finally get a release date of May 4. The film is partly inspired by Tales From Crypt with Snoop hosting the film as the “Crib Keeper.”

      The film is three horror stories blended with anime, live action and comedy. One story features a tagger who gains the power of life and death from a shamanistic stranger, the second story revolves around a bigoted rich man who learns a lesson from the people he loathes and the third story is about a rapper whose skeletons literally come out of the closet.

      The film stars everyone from established actors like Billy Dee Williams and Ernie Hudson to pro athletes like Tayshuan Prince and Lamar Odom to rap stars such as Method Man and Snoop himself. For trailers, pics and other information, check out SNOOPS HOOD OF HORROR.

  • double-gg

    hey snoop is there something that u didn’t or u won’t do?!?
    DA BO$$ OF DA BO$$