Snoop Dogg and George Lopez have combined to create the world’s greatest ChatRoulette Bingo team.  ChatRoulette, in case you haven’t heard, is a new phenomenon website that allows users to video chat with a completely random person.  Usually, you find a lot of nudity, people masturbating, and fake murder scenes on there.  This time, was no exception.  Snoop and George Lopez had a bunch of different things they were looking for, such as a t-shirt, a dog, a woman in a bra, etc.  Whomever had the right combination after a few turns, would win the game.  Snoop ended up winning, but you should see the shocked look on his face when Kermit the Frog reaches for that lubriderm.

ChatRoulette has become huge over the past few weeks, thanks to a few jokesters who continue to think of new ways to use it.  There was Merton, who played improvised piano and lyrics about who he was chatting with, who was confused with Singer-Songwriter Ben Folds, because they look so much alike.   Folds paid homage to Merton at a concert in Charlotte by dressing as him and going on ChatRoulette to perform the same prank, only with a live audience behind him.  My personal favorite tho, is the guy who dressed up as Lady Gaga and re-imagines the video for “Telephone.”