Snoop Dogg Slangs Family Sitcom To NBC

Written by Sam

Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 10:23 am
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It’s pretty impressive that Snoop is selling family based sitcoms to international corporations while simultaneously doing sweet viral videos debating weed prices with Andy Milonakis.  I wonder if NBC caught that viral?  That being said Snoop and Co just sold the sitcom.  Does not necessarily mean the show will get made. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Snoop Dogg is a step closer to adding sitcom star to his already broad resume.

The rapper, along with veteran sitcom producer Don Reo (My Wife and Kids, Two and a Half Men), with whom he did an arc for on Fox’s Brothers, has sold a family comedy pitch to NBC. The project centers on a father (Snoop) and his family of misfit children.


  • Spock

    Well if nbc didnt know they know now and that makes you a snitch Sam.

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