By: Rizoh

      Snoop may not be going to the doghouse after all. The 35-year-old west coast wordsmith, born real name is Calvin Broadus Jr., was given five years probation and 800 hours of community service (400 of those will be devoted to his Youth Football League) after pleading a “no contest” to weapons and drugs charges.

      Snoop’s attorney Donald Etra said his client was grateful for the sentence. “He recognizes that he got a great a deal and he fully intends to make sure nothing prohibits him from keeping his part of the bargain.”

      Snoop basically got a slap on the wrist for toting guns and weed. I doubt a non-celebrity would receive the same courtesy.

      On a related note, the Dogg Father still has a pending case to answer to. He pled not guilty to possession of a deadly weapon in January after a collapsible police baton was found in his luggage as he attempted to catch a flight to San Francisco in September last year.

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