This is f*cking perfect.  So the same headphone company that got him in trouble for pedaling penny stocks and with Dr. Dre isn’t even doing business with Fif anymore.  People are speculating what made the deal go sour, but more than likely it has to do with the fact 50 can’t sell headphones in 2011.  Look 50 has proved to sell tangible goods in the past.  He had his hand in Vitamin Water as well as deals with Mark Ecko and Reebok for his G-Unit merchandising.  Plus he killed it with those deals.  But if you haven’t noticed, you don’t still see G Unit sneakers at the store anymore.  You know why that is?  Because although 50 is a superstar celebrity he isn’t as relevant musically as he once was.  Sh*t Wiz Khalifa could probably get the kids to buy something more than 50 can at this point in time.

I just hope Fif got paid in cash upfront instead of in equity or something.  According to EG via RR:

Today the company revealed that it has terminated its agreement with G-Unit Brands, 50’s licensing company, and that it will be “re-evaluating our Wireless Hybrid over-the-ear headphones at a later date.” There’s no word on why the collboration went awry, and the company only indicates that it has decided to focus on its in-ear offerings instead. Of course, we’ve got way more than 21 questions about what made the relationship go sour, but hate it or love it, Sleek by 50 is no more. Disheartening PR after the break.