So a new Soulja Boy video dropped which I obviously watched because I like being entertained.  It was when Soulja was blowing blunt smoke at the camera that I realized something.  Soulja Boy might think he is a tough guy.  Guy got some face tattoos, does a homo erotic cover with 50 Cent, and surrounds himself with some dudes wearing S.O.D shirts and all of a sudden Soulja is tough.

Listen, I’m not mad at Soulja Boy.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m actually thankful for the entertainment value he provides.  He “can smoke weed and buy shoes because that’s what fly guys do“, while simultaneously getting publicly embarrassed by the super hoe.  And bounce right back!  It’s just funny to me that the guy who blew up being a walking gimmick with Soulja Boy written in white out on his glasses is trying to portray himself as tough guy now.  Really Soulja Boy?

Sidebar: Notice the super corny logo based designer Gucci shoes Soulja is rocking?  Gucci is definitely the new Coach.  Where is Cam’ron when you need him?

Sidebar 2: Where do you fill out the application to be the guy in the background smoking weed in Soulja Boy videos?



  • DoinMeEnt