|  October 7, 2008


Another victory in court for R Kelly yesterday after he sued a concert promoter from Georgia and won damages of $3.4 million for a tour which he was unpaid on. The thing I am confused about is, these dudes are supposed to get their money up front for performances are they not? The tickets are sold for concerts like this way in advance so there is no need to be waiting on ‘door or bar money’, yet for some reason Kelly and his team made a big error in judgment by taking the promoter at whatever word he gave them. How long has he been in the business again and he makes mistakes like that? Come on now.
This the same tour that Ne Yo was kicked off of due to Kelly’s jealousy. Does that mean if Ne Yo sues the Pied Piper and the promoter for his premature exit from the tour, like is was hinted at, he will be getting some of that pay out…most probably?