By: Rizoh

      Although Solange was technically the first Solo Star out of the Knowles family, she has always played second fiddle to the incredibly popular Beyonce. So what kept Solange busy while Bey was hogging up the spotlight? Well, the 21-year old singer has already been married, had a child, and divorced. Solange confirmed her divorce in a recent sit-down with Essence magazine.


      “I am no longer married,” said Solange, “but I think it’s very important not to dish details. We are friends and we co-parent our son. When he gets older I don’t want him to read anything about me saying anything about his father or vice versa. When there’s a child involved I think the less information given is best.”


      She also debunked the rumors that she left her husband in order to spark a relationship with New Orleans rapper Lil’ Wayne. “Yes, we know each other,” said Solange of Lil’ Wayne, “but I absolutely did not leave my husband for him.”

  • PrinceNeo

    damn wayne its like dat

  • Ms. Nic

    She’s just now admitting to a divorce? It seems like they broke up a while ago.

  • Superdad149

    LiL Wayne Want’s to be Jay-Z So Bad