|  March 22, 2009


The last thing any person needs is some crazy hanging out right on her doorstep, especially when there are kids in the house and a new bambino. Well allegedly that is what has been going on out front of Ms. Erykah Badu’s home. A white female in her mid 20s was pepper sprayed and arrested on Saturday evening after police responded to a call made by Badu who was said to be trapped inside her home. Erykah was expected to be on stage at SXSW but was having problems getting out of her house. However the woman was arrested and Erykah made it to the show and like many of the performers this weekend down there in Texas kicked ass. See not even a crazy ass will keep a good woman down.

  • puppetmaster

    what!?! why would that white woman do that to her? Glad that Erykah is okay.