By: Rizoh

      If you’re like most of Xzibit’s fans, you probably disliked many of the songs on his last Sony album, Weapons of Mass Destruction. In the fashion of artist censorship that runs rampant among major record companies, Sony frowned at one of the songs on Weapons of Mass Destruction, because of its controversial nature. While on tour to promote his new independently-released record, Full Circle, X to the Z spoke to the Herald Sun about his back-and-forth with Sony over song selections.

      “On Weapons of Mass Destruction I put together a Bush speech. There were Sony lawyers who wanted me to sign something to leave them clear of repercussions,” said X. “I was like ‘Aw man’. We’d argue about the songs they wanted as singles and it’d hold my record up for months if I didn’t agree with them. It wasn’t cool.”

        In the interview, Xzibit also states that “Pimp My Ride” is a wrap, and he’s now focused on doing what he loves most – music.



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