After Kat Stacks made a complete fool of Soulja Boy for being a cocaine abusing premature ejaculator, Fab took some shots at him for his “Stupid Boy Swag”.  I thought it was pretty funny, but Soulja Boy didn’t.  He finally responded to Fab on twitter.  Even went as far as to challenge Fab to a “battle”.  I’m now convinced Soulja Boy is doing cocaine if he actually thinks he is more of a lyrical rapper than Loso.  This is just a case where Soulja Boy is directing his anger at Fab, when he should really be mad at himself.


  • Rgerm01

    Fab not gona respond to this. This retard makes children's songs.

  • Lysasamb

    what's upouljaboy

  • Africansupaman1

    Nursery rhyme ass fuck SOULJABOY, nigga my little 33 year old niece can come up with your shit, dumb ass nigga, u are the reason why they say rap is dead