|  April 27, 2009


The blogs are awash with rumors that Spike Lee is more than annoyed with Laker’s golden boy Kobe Bryant. A story was published which said that Kobe had demanded creative control of the documentary Spike Lee shot, Kobe Doin Work, which will air on ESPN on May 16th. Reps for Spike Lee have implied that the story is ‘completely baseless’ and that there was no way Tim Duncan was ever going to replace Kobe Bryant in the documentary which followed the baller for a day as he and his team faced off against the San Antonio Spurs on April 13th this year.
According to reports Kobe had literally thrown a tantrum and insisted he be in charge of creative control which of course was down to Spike Lee, a professional at what he does. Do we see Spike trying to score points for the Lakers? No we don’t so why would you have a critically acclaimed director behind the camera to replace him for someone who should really be focusing on getting a ring, makes no sense.