|  January 9, 2009


And boy did she stand by him….after 11 years of marriage and having to go through almost half of those with child pornography charges hanging over their heads, R Kelly and his wife Andrea Lee are finally divorced. The couple who will have joint custody of their three children will be keeping the details of their divorce private, for how long, well your guess is as good as mine as nowadays everything has a price, even details such as these.
The couple were married two years after Andrea auditioned as a back up dancer for Kelly just after she turned 20, how old?. She then went on to choreograph his videos and tours during their marriage.

  • kostco

    im going to the movies to watch that. imma have my bk hat on and all that.

  • kostco

    yo i didnt want o say something about this child fucking ass nigga. i was talking about the notorious movie. fucking lame ass nigga

  • Hip-Hop Journalist

    ^^^^^^There has been a technical problem..your comment was on the Notorious story but somehow that story has been deleted..we are working on fixing it..sorry for any inconvenience