EDITOR:  It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post on any new music.  So with this in mind I offer you a double dose of “Stop Sleeping & Open Your Ears.”

As always the full mixtapes can be downloaded by clicking on the album titles.

Vasco – Late Night TV 2

Hackensack native Vasco bring us his newest mixtape “Late Night TV 2.” This guy is a monster, one of my favorite emcees out right now.  He has so many different styles is ridiculous.  He has incredible amounts of talent and a work ethic that people are taking notice of with his newest mixtape, “Late Night TV 2” which is sponsored by Goodfella Radio.  Vasco has released 5 mixtapes in just over a year, all of them you should listen to, and can download here.

This album is a follow up to his fall release “Zzzzz (Late Night TV)” which you should definitely check out.  I’ve posted two tracks off of Vasco’s newest release, as well as some select tracks that I think show his versatility.  If you’re burning down during this blizzard, be sure to have this as your soundtrack, you won’t be disappointed. As always let me know what you guys think.

Vasco – “I’m From Jersey”


Vasco – “Smile”


Vasco – “Loverman”


Vasco – “The Messiah”



Hir-O “The Voyage Home (Instrumental Album)”

You may remember Hir-O’s name from an older post I did.  He handled the production behind one of my favorite albums this year, “Computer Blue” with the emcee Doss The Artist.  Hir-O dropped this dope instrumental album the other day and I knew I had to post it up once I listened to it.  Hir-O is a truly talented producer with a knack for crafting futuristic soundscapes.  I hope more people begin to recognize this guys talents and he gets bigger looks in the future.

Hir-O “Angel Outlaw”


Hir-O “Headlock”


Hir-O “Voltron’s Heartbeat”



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