Strivers Row Clothing x Denim

Written by Sam

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 at 10:51 am
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This is Jason Jeter & Emmett Harrell’s clothing line.  This obviously has a hip-hop connection because Jason Geter has played an instrumental role in T.I.’s career as well as his Grand Hustle imprint.  Not mad at this.  The whole camo swag is quite trendy these days.  According to HS:

Founded in 2009 by Jason Geter and Emmett Harrell, Strivers Row pulls from Southern American traditions and firm grounding in both fashion and entertainment. The dominant aesthetic is a romance between denim and hunting apparel, with all the neatly detailed garments fabricated in Japan. We met with Geter and Harrell to discuss the inspiration for Strivers Row and their definition of a lifestyle brand.

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