Student Questions Lupe’s Validity

 |  December 10, 2010

Lupe Fiasco and author Michael Eric Dyson stopped by Drexel University to talk about the future of the music industry.   Introduced by Dyson as “an organic intellectual,” Lupe took to the podium and proceeded to drop knowledge on an auditorium of students.  Lupe definitely came off like a true entertainer, as he joked about how people misconstrued the meaning of his song “Kick Push” and how Atlantic told him The Cool wasn’t a success.  On stage, Lupe said that his music is never finished even when he leaves the booth because it’s all about how the audience absorbs and interprets it.  Lupe then spoke about 360 deals, saying “it’s damn near illegal” and that he felt extorted into signing one.


After bashing the industry in general (well, Atlantic), Lupe took a few student’s questions.  After giving his opinion on single sales vs. album sales, a female student asked, “Why would you work with Lil B, who I feel is a rapper that’s ruining the future of Hip Hop?”  This clearly caught Fiasco off guard, but he kept his composure, stating, “that’s not official…but I always want to be able to be accessible to my peers in music, no matter what they do or no matter how wack someone thinks they are or how destructive they think they are.”  He went on to say that most consumers only see an image that’s marketed towards them and fail to comprehend the person creating the art.  He also said that he knows Lil B on another level and referred to him as a young black man trying to make something out of nothing and “anybody trying to make something out of nothing, I rock with

This student clearly doesn’t realize that Lil B’s about to blow up…at least according to Complex.