Styles P FlyerK-Salaam & Styles P. chop it up in Yonkers.What’s good people.  So we got some free tickets to the Styles P show this Thursday at S.O.B.’s .  The boy K-Salaam is spinning for Styles and he was nice enough to hook it up with two free tickets, as well as two copies to his dope album Who’s World Is This? which is co-produced by Beatnik as well, so shouts to him.  Above is a video of Styles & K-Salaam chopping it up in Yonkers.  The rules are that you must be in the NYC area so you can actually go,  that you format your email by writing Styles P & K-Salaam in the title of your email, you recognize that Styles is the truth and you are most likely undeserving to be in his presence, and finally that you answer the question below.  The first two people to respond with the correct answer to the question below at are the winners, and get a free ticket and CD.Q: What artist outside of the hip-hop genre have KSalaam & his partner Beatnick worked with, that Styles P has also worked with?K-Salaam & Beatnik