Superyacht Sovereign

 |  September 20, 2011

As the name ‘sovereign’ suggests, the yacht comes with designing themes reminiscent of sovereign royals, especially with respect to its luxury features. What’s even more interesting to see is the blend of modern technology into such a frame, to create the water cruiser. The yacht is a 100 meter long vessel, which uses eco friendly technology to power a lot of the important functions such as the lighting and temperature control. The roof top cover is actually a large solar panel which generates electricity for multiple uses like lighting. Also there is a windmill, which aids the process of storing electricity for future use, and is ideal if the winds are strong outside. As for temperature control, especially in leisure areas, there is the open-air Jacuzzi which can be covered by the bow of the boat if conditions are not found to be suitable. Also, the infinity pool on the other side of the boat is capable of being converted into a re-enforced glass helipad, and the water circulation keeps the area under control. Accommodation includes 10 guest suites apart from the opulent master suite with its list of exclusivities for the host. Other indoor amenities include the gymnasium, nightclub, cinema and library apart from the bar with bathing platforms on either side. Via: Gray Design