Susana Ruiz… MUY CALIENTE!!!

 |  February 7, 2009

Even in one of the most difficult economic times the country has ever faced, there’s still something to crack a smile at, because “Spanish Fly” Salvadorian model Susana Ruiz is definitely doing her part to boost up the financial system by showing off a little tail.

With a large number of businesses going belly up due to the fact that people are holding onto their wallets for dear life; it looks like she’s making sure that all companies who manufacture lubricants will be in business for a long time to come.







  • SashyMe

    hahaha! long live the women who are solutions of the world’s economic problems!

  • Trainer

    What does she do aside from modelling? Does she sing as well?

  • rhizzyflorida

    Whoa! She’s freakn hot! Does she have movies?

  • clint46

    She ROCKS…got this at

    Model (name):Susana Ruiz
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 100
    Measurements: 32C 24W 34H
    Nationality: Salvadorian/Colombian
    Hometown: Queens NY
    DOB: 2-2-82
    Sign: Aquarius
    Turn-ons: Sence of humor,Great smile,Confident
    Turn-offs: Insecure,Disrespectful,Bad breath
    Special skills: Dance, Sing
    Occupation: Full Time Model

  • DamnGeek

    Way far look from a goddess…She looks artificial!

  • Bebz

    looks like artificial boobies???! hehehe..she looks old!

  • rhizzyflorida

    Well, for me 26 years old is not yet freaky old! Besides, she doesn’t look like one. She looks like a luscious 16 years old.

  • kenya1986

    I agree she surely sizzles…but nothing new really, just an ordinary pin-up pose, hoping to save mother earth..hahahaha

  • Kiannick

    Saw her once in a magazine bought by my brother during his vacation in Spain…she looks lighter then compared to these pictures. She has matured..i think so! 🙂

  • Serge Fleury

    Good looking out Clint46 on the extra research… Lol..

  • SashyMe

    How i wish to have a butt like hers! Though I agree with Bebz – her boobies look like so “commercialized.” hahahaha

  • BellmE

    If the purpose of this post is to pull-out people from the worries of the crazy economic woes plaguing the world right now, then, well — good post! 😉

  • coffee please

    Who the hell is this? Her name doesn’t ring a bell at all!

  • Uturn

    a full-time model that is, but this looks like a porn modelling..hahaha

  • clint46

    — lol..yeh man, she’s worth the research

  • Serge Fleury

    Now I know who to turn to whenever I leave something out… lol..

  • SaRAAh

    She looks more of an Indian than a Salvadorian. Saw that kind of face in bollywood films

  • goodygood

    hahaha…the power of photoshop!

  • hipandhopGal

    I agree with UTURN. This looks like more of a porn shoot…not so classy. 🙂

  • rockNroll1991

    Just wonderin why only zeroed-in to this girl when there are still other hot kickass fresh flesh out there.

  • JamesSiam

    Dude, she is awesome. Not only does she have an amazing body but she is also gorgeous.