NE-YO On MTV’s “When I Was 17″ opened up my eyes to quite a lot of possibilities. I always thought that it was just a rumor about Ne-Yo being gay thing but these pics look suspicious as hell. I could just be jumping the gun but something about that pic in the white shirt just screams “How You Doin`”.

  • DC

    mike your pics on the back ground of your twitter page suspicious as hell. something about that pic in the white hat just screams “How You Doin`” im just sayin'. No beef man LOL.

  • iHipHop


  • Mikestylezz_the_blog_wonder

    thats for the model bitches not for you to be inspecting, please note I`m not posed up with other men in the background of my twitter…so no skittles and no homo.

  • Verylovelylady6